Information Design Lab

The Information Design Lab is a research and consultancy unit dedicated to investigating what makes the design of information accessible and understandable. The work of the lab primarily focuses on the processes that underlie how humans recognize, make sense of, process, remember and learn various types information. The research spans across all media, users and contexts of use. test


  • To develop information design as a distinct and valuable field of scholarship, study and practice
  • To advocate for the value of information design in Hong Kong and beyond
  • To act as a think tank for issues related to information design in Hong Kong
  • To cultivate a research culture on the topic of information design within the School of Design and to provide a platform for collaboration and exchange amongst faculty members


  • To investigate what makes the design of information usable and effective for a diversity of users, communication contexts and media through applied research and consultancy
  • To generate new knowledge on information design through the development of theories, models, processes and methodologies
  • To explore new possibilities for the design of information for a variety of media and contexts
  • To disseminate knowledge and research findings on information design to relevant stakeholders and to actively establish connections with the design industry and the public sector through collaborations and consultancy projects
  • To bridge research and the learning and teaching of information design through educational initiatives, particularly in the form of work-integrated education

Current projects

  • Bilingual typography: Hong Kong case studies
  • Wayfinding and spatial representation: designing effective information for users
  • Tourism information design (Design × Culture Navigator)
  • Designing effective medicine information for senior citizens in Hong Kong

Brian Kwok, Leader
Peter Chuah, Faculty Researcher
Michail Semoglou, Research Associate
Betty Durango, Research Assistant


V512, 5/F , JCIT

Contact Person
Brian Kwok
Tel      (852) 2766 5441