Asian Ergonomics Design Lab

Do your products fit an Asian population? Do your products work properly in an Asian cultural context? These are the questions which drive the Asian Ergonomic Lab. We are unlocking the riddle of Asian ergonomics and anthropometrics through a series of groundbreaking research projects.

Recent projects include: "User Experience of office chairs and Anthropometrics of female Chinese and Hong Kong Chinese office and factory workers" and "Size China". The project has created the first-ever digital database of Asian head and face shapes for use by manufacturers and designers internationally. Visit for more information.

The Asian Ergonomic Lab works on a wide range of consultancy projects for industries who want to create the perfect fitting and products for the explosive Asian markets. We encourage visitors to come by and visit our facilities and discuss their requirements.


V711 V712, 7/F, JCIT

Contact Person
Tina Luximon

Tel      (852)2766 5493