EMIL Forum: Customer Experience Innovation – The Way for Business Survival and Success

Experiences are what customers demand nowadays beyond products alone. The market requires continuous innovation. In the fast changing global economy, leaders should infuse their companies with the blood of innovation, creativity and design. Customer Experience Innovation is one of the ways to help your company remain competitive.

In this Forum, Ms. Elaine Ann, an expert in Customer-Centered Innovation and Design Thinking, will discuss how corporates innovate focusing on the end users or customer experience, and elaborate how these have helped many multi-nationals , such as Google, Airbnb, Dropbox, Intel, BMW, DesignworksUSA expand their businesses in the Hong Kong and China market. She will also share her unique insights of why companies in Hong Kong and China ought to innovate based on their unique cultural strengths and incorporate Culture-Based Innovation. Mr. O.M. Chan, our current student of Executive Master in Innovation Leadership (EMIL), will share his experience on how this programme has helped to unleash the potential both for himself and his company.