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Let the heart flow. 隨心逐流

In Hong Kong, the general impression of the busking culture is that performance quality varies. However, this is not the unilateral responsibility of performers. The busking culture includes a two-way positive relationship between the performer and the audience. When the audience gives more feedback and response, it allows performers to better understand their own strengths and weaknesses which can improve the quality of their next performance. In fact, people in Hong Kong are prone to hiding their emotions; paying too much attention to others' feelings. We please others constantly to gain a sense of identity. Because we fear that others cannot understand or get our feelings rejected hence we do not believe that we should respond to other people as a form of "self-protection". We hope that people will step out and express their feelings bravely through simple ways. At the same time, the communication between the performers and the audience will be strengthened. It is no longer a unilateral effort. We help them to understand their true feelings and learn to let others respond to their own feelings. The final step is to let the audience know that a good audience can also bring good performers which is why busking is a two-way relationship and people must see that.

現時香港busking 文化普遍印象是表演質素參差。但這不是單方面表演者的責任,busking 文化包括表演者與觀眾雙向的關係,互相給予肯定的關係。當觀眾能給予更多回應,讓表演者更了解自己的優缺點,他們可以從而改善表演質素,讓自己進步。其實是,香港人習慣隱藏自己的情緒,過分關注他人的感受,不斷希望取悅別人而取得認同感。因為害怕別人不能理解、怕釋放的感受被拒絕,不相信自己能應對他人的反應,產生所謂的自我保護模式。今次希望能透過簡單的方式去讓人勇敢表達出自己的感覺,同時加強表演者與觀眾的溝通,不再是單方面的付出。幫助他們更了解自己的真實感受和學習讓他人回應自己的感受。 最後一步是讓觀眾知道,好的觀眾也可以帶來好的表演者。Busking 是一個雙向的關係。

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