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Sandy Ng


Area of Expertise
Art & Design History and Theories, Visual and Cultural Studies

Research Interests
Sandy Ng received her Ph.D. from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London), specialising in modern Chinese art. Her doctoral research examines the notion of hybrid modernism in Lin Fengmian’s figurative paintings (1900-1991). She is currently working on a project that explores cultural appropriation, gender, and modernity in twentieth century design. Her research also scrutinizes how to revitalise traditional customs to inspire contemporary design. Two forthcoming publications will examine how artists embrace modernity and fashion the ‘self’ in the modern era and how national identity is tied to the design of cheongsam in Hong Kong.

Sandy began her teaching career, sponsored by the Asian Pacific Scholarship at the University of Hawaii in Mānoa in the United States. She is interested in the process and effect of cross-cultural exchange on artistic representation. Her research in the display and reception of art led her to curate a two-part exhibition titled “The Three Perfections” that explored the styles and meanings of Chinese calligraphy at the Honolulu Museum of Arts. While pursuing her studies in Great Britain, she taught Cultural Studies subjects at the University of Sussex. Before joining the School of Design, she taught in the Fine Arts department at the University of Hong Kong, offering thematic courses that scrutinized cultural manifestations in contemporary societies. Presently, she teaches ‘Visual Culture’, ‘Design History’, ‘Design Theories and Culture’, ‘Philosophy of Design’, ‘Chinese Traditions & 21st Century’ and supervises Master Degree and PhD students.