Henry Ma

14 Years at PolyU Design
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Henry Ma

Programme Leader, BA (Hons) in Digital Media
Leader, Creativity and Design Education Laboratory

Academic Qualifications:
PhD (HK PolyU), MBA (Leicester), MA (Leicester), Adv. Dip (HKAPA), AES

Research Area:
Henry's research interest is in creativity, teaching for creativity, and his expertise is in digital media including animation, mobile media and interaction design. Currently he is working on two research directions, namely "Nurturing students' creativity in animation education" and "Developing project-based eLearning strategy".

His current and completed research projects include:

Funded Research Projects
- Principle Investigator: Developing project based eLearning strategy and model  in School of Design, eLearning and Blended Learning Development Grants, 2014 (HK$1M)

- Principle Investigator: Game Based Learning, SD School Board Chairman Reserve Fund, 2008

- Deputy Project Coordinator: Architecture to Enable Technologies and Efficient Methodologies for Facilitating Game Content Creation and Application Authoring on MMOG Platform, Innovation Technology Fund, 2008 (HK$ 3.1M)

- Project Member: Assessment of Programme Outcomes by Capstone Project at School of Design, 2008

-Project Coordinator, Virtual Hotel, eLearning Development & Support Section, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2007 (HK$ 2 Million)

- Project Leader: Game Programming and Content Development of Construction Site - Charles' Console Exhibit, Occupational Safety and Health Council, 2007 (HK$ 1.6 Million)

- Principle Investigator: A Study on Management of Creativity in the Contextual Concerns of Creative Industries, Departmental General Research Funds, 2007

- Deputy Project Coordinator: Platform to Simulate Populous Scenes with Heterogeneous Behavioral Human Character Motions Driven by Libraries of High Quality Motion Captured Data, Innovation Technology Fund, 2006 (HK$ 969,000)

- Investigator: Formulation of Framework from Capturing Human Motion to Biomechanical Analysis regarding Ergonomics in interaction Design, Departmental General Research Funds, 2006

- Investigator: Augmented Reality Installation for Public Space, Departmental General Research Funds, 2006

- Deputy Project Leader: Production of 'Infrastructure for Augmented Reality Platform' of 'Construction Site - Charles' Console Exhibit' for the Occupational Safety and Health Gallery III in the Hong Kong Science Museum, Occupational Safety and Health Council, 2006 (HK$ 2.75 Million)

- Deputy Project Coordinator: Automatic Music Arrangement System: Games and Interactive Applications, Innovation Technology Fund, 2004 (HK$ 3.167 Million)

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 Keynote and Seminar Presentation
- Keynote Speech: “Real or Unreal, the Aesthetics of Animation Sound”, The 2010 International Conference on Animation Education (Beijing), 2010

- Keynote Speech: “From Arts and Science to Manage of Creativity – The Future Development of Digital Media”, Arts and Science – International Symposium of Digital Arts (Beijing), 2010

- Keynote Speech: “New Media Art – a merge of Art and Science”, Directors of New Media Art Forum (Beijing), 2007

- Invited Seminar presentation: “Beyond Animation - A Study of Creative Industry and Managing Creativity”, Communication University of China (Beijing), 2007

- Invited Seminar presentation: “Multimedia – Art and Science of Creativity”, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts (Tianjin), 2007

- Invited Seminar presentation: “A survey on the Animation and Visual Effects Industry of Hong Kong”, International Animation Education Association (Beijing), 2006

Henry Ma currently serves as Associate Dean, Programme Leader of BA(Hons) in Digital Media of School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Guest Professor of the Beijing Film Academy and Visiting Professor of the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. He obtained the 1st Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Industry Person of the Year Award (Digital Entertainment Education Category) and the Creative Industry Leader Award in China (中國創意產業領軍人物獎) in 2007 and 2012 respectively. With his active participation in the creative media industry, he has been involved in the design and production of stage, film and TV projects.

Henry graduated from School of Technical Arts of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, School of Management of the University of Leicester, the Centre for Mass Communication Research of the University of Leicester, and he received his PhD from the School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Henry is a member of the Audio Engineering Society, Broad Member of the Hong Kong ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter and Vice-Chairman (Education) of the Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association. With his substantial experiences in the industry, he served as panel members of the Hong Kong ICT Awards, the Hong Kong Film Award, the Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Award, the Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Excellence Award, and the Project Grants distributed by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Film and Media Arts Committee.