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Gerhard Bruyns

Dr. ir. Gerhard Bruyns is a South African born architect and urbanist. He presently holds the position of Assistant Professor of Environment and Interior Design, School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.

Previously Dr Bruyns held tenure as faculty member of the Delft School of Design, Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology [TU Delft], the Netherlands. He has previously worked in practice in South Africa before joining the Urban Renewal and Management Chair of the TU Delft’s Department of Urbanism. In 2008 he was invited to join the Delft School of Design [TU Delft], an advanced research unit focused on combining critical theory, philosophy and design [architecture and urbanism] into a coherent MSc and PhD design program. Here Dr Bruyns’ role was to act as both a design mentor and MSc coordinator.

Dr Bruyns has lectured at a number of universities globally, and acted as invited jury member to architecture schools in South Africa, Asia, South America, the US and Europe. In 2007 he coordinated, under chairmanship of Professors A.D. Graafland and I.B. Low, the Urban Development Stall of the African Perspectives Africains, which formed the core backdrop to his most recent publication and editorial work addressing urbanization within Africa [2012]. Presently he is Executive Team member of the IFOU, Scientific Board Member of the African Centre for Studies in Leiden [The Netherlands], editor of the Footprint Journal, issue # 16 [TU Delft], Assistant to the General Reporter for the UIA 2014 - World Congress on Architecture [Architecture Otherwhere] and Registrar of the UIA 2014 International Student Competition. Bruyns' present professional design and practice work is done in association is with CP, Arquitectura, Urbanismo, Investigacion.

Current editorial work:

Footprint Journal: Delft Architecture Theory Journal. Issue #16: Commoning as Differentiated Publicness: emerging concepts of the urban and other material realities. Co-Editors: H Sohn and S Kasoulas [TU Delft].

Previous publications:

  • G Bruyns and AD Graafland [eds], African Perspectives - [South] Africa; City, Society, Space, Literature and Architecture. Rotterdam, 010 Publishers.
  • T Kaminer and H Sohn [eds],Urban Asymmetries; Studies and Projects on Neoliberal Urbanization. Rotterdam, 010 Publishers.
  • G Bruyns and PE Healy [eds], De-/signing the Urban; Technogenesis and the urban image. Rotterdam, 010 Publishers.

Research interests include:

  • Geopolitical conditions related to spatial entities and the contemporary city;
  • Formal and spatial questions related to rapid forms of urbanization / spatial militarization;
  • Morphological expression as part of geopolitical and neoliberal forms of development;
  • Post-segregated spatial landscapes.