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Daniel Elkin

Mr Elkin is a designer and maker with nearly a decade of professional and pedagogical experience. He has taken up the position of Research Assistant Professor in Environment and Interior Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His research focuses on tooling-based research, design representation, and design agency.

Mr Elkin has a strong record of academic and design achievements. His work has been featured in gallery settings such as the American Design Club’s 2016 summer show “Growth” and the “Donald Deskey: Creative Conscious” retrospective at the University of Cincinnati, for which he was an exhibit designer. His 2015 entry into the ArtPrize Grand Rapids competition was awarded a seed grant, and his 2016 proposal for the new Featured Projects program was chosen for the final round of judging. Mr Elkin’s work at the Cranbrook Academy of Art was honored with a special lecture in May 2015. He received both Outstanding Research and Adjunct Teaching Position awards for his thesis work at the University of Cincinnati.

Mr Elkin’s work focuses on the importance of making in design praxis and pedagogy. His recent projects explore lean manufacturing technologies for complex metal forming and the implications of tooling improvements for designers and their constituents. Mr. Elkin is conducting design research within Hong Kong's metalworking and vernacular building cultures to understand relationships between digital representation tools, tooling investment, and spatial agency.

Mr Elkin plans to continue and expand his design and research work during his tenure at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.