Philippe Casens

3 Years at PolyU Design
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Philippe Casens

Throughout a professional collaboration with italian designers and architects like Andrea Branzi, Clino Trini Castelli, Pierluigi Cerri, Isao Hosoe, he has experienced different approaches and methodologies within the field of industrial production, of interior design and their communication.
Working in Domus Academy since 1995, coordinating the master in product design course, the car design and mobility course  he has participated to several research seminar, collaborating also with the DARC (Domus Academy Research Center).

Since 2003, under the name disopradesign, with other collaborators, he has been developping an outsourcing activity ranging from design innovation to project, research and architecture.

Since August 2015, he has taught at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design.