Public Lecture on Territory Architecure – Appropriation of a Land by Ludovic Malbet

Ludovic Malbet
Co-founder of Mu Architecture, Studio Tutor
at l’Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture (ESA)

Synopsis of the lecture
By choosing the mythical continent, MU is creating an identity that goes above and beyond
mere architectural style. The field of exploration is projected in this land-continent. An initially
hostile and infertile land, it finds its very definition in its experiences. In turn, these experiences
create an eventually rich and unified landscape. All the encounters that have taken place in the
development of these projects, with their varying objectives and scales, create a sort of mosaic,
an increasingly coherent and singular image. This is a landscape that ultimately reflects the work
that MU does.

About Ludovic Malbet
Ludovic Malbet has started his Architect’s career at the firm Wonderland Productions as project
manager. His professional path has taken him to Tokyo where he worked at Atelier Bow Wow and
to San Francisco in the heart of the Holt Hinshaw firm.
In 2009 Malbet has founded with Maïra Caldoncelli Vidal and Grégoire Dubreux Mu Architecture
which is located in the heart of Paris. The office was awarded by the prestigious price AJAP 2012
(Les Albumes des Jeunes Architectes et Paysagistes).
Since 2012 Malbet is running an Architectural Studio at l’Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture (ESA), Paris.

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