Public Lecture on ", 'All that is impossible is left to be done', Jules Verne" by Pierre Cauderay

Speaker: Pierre Cauderay
Profile: Founding member of, independent architect

The project begun in 2001 when a group of engineers and designer friends started developing a wood fire hot tub heating concept in the Swiss Alps. The success of the concept was soon extended into a self-made jaccuzzi kit allowing several hundred people to bath together. Never tired of pushing further the group adapted the concept to explore new territories and exciting location, like snowed mountain peak (top of Mont Blanc, 2007), floating on lakes (Leman Lake 2008), down in caves (2009), or suspended to a bridge in a 187 meter deep void (Gureuoz, 2011).

About Pierre Cauderay &
Pierre Cauderay is one of the founding members of As a Swiss independent architect graduated from the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL) in 2007, his activities went through architecture press, architecture project teaching and building construction. His realized projects cover artist interventions to building execution through dance scenography. is an association leaded by a group composed by Nicolas Weibel, Ph.D in material science, Dominique Weibel, medical assistant, Jean-Christophe Boillat, civil engineer, and Pierre Cauderay, architect. More than 300 members are engaged in the association and around 60 are graduated 'jaccuzzist'.


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