Made in Hong Kong – Interactive Colloquia

IFOU | POLYU HK | CUHK | Columbia University

The ‘Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong’ has always been an ‘island of entrepreneurism’ (Clinton, 2014). Historically known as a ‘market city’ (Ohno, 1992) with a prominent industrial history, the city has secured its prominence as one of the ‘Asian Tiger’.

In its development Hong Kong has embraced amplifying levels of excessiveness, accepting neoliberal directives that have allowed for ‘manic’ density and hyper consumerism. Under the ‘one-country-two-system’ Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial position has come under question with the ‘emptying out’ (Yeh: 2006, Lin: 2011) of manufacturing services that has, since 1997, impacted all facets and aspects urbanity for, both the city and the Guangdong Regional Economy. A city once known for its “Made in Hong Kong” legacy through its plastic flowers industries, electronic goods and clothing, the city presently relies on a knowledge economy and ‘other’ forms of entrepreneurial endeavours to sustain its competitive edge amongst other Asian hubs. Moreover, the ever-increasing pressure placed on Hong Kong as a ‘locale of making’ by the manufacturing industries of neighbouring cities, such as Shenzhen, has resulted in the transformation of Hong Kong into an unaffordable and inflexible city.

As link between the IFOU 2017 conference entitled 'The Entrepreneurial City' and the School of Design’s Environment and Interior Unit’s ‘Made in Hong Kong’ research portfolio, this interactive colloquium invites participants to challenge as well as present endeavours that current feed into contemporary urban entrepreneurism’s. Each participant will be invited to present work, research or entrepreneurial endeavours in a chosen 15 by 15 format (15 slides for 15 seconds per slide). 

Contacts: Gerhard Bruyns / Peter Hasdell
Sub component to the IFOU International Forum on Urbanism 2017 Conference. For more details please see: