Study at PolyU Design

The School has over 1400 students and is the only government-funded university offering design education from undergraduate to doctoral levels in Hong Kong. The following programmes are offered at PolyU Design, all offered in English:

BA (Hons) Scheme in Design (4-year Curriculum / Full-time)
   BA (Hons) in Advertising Design
   BA (Hons) in Communication Design
   BA (Hons) in Environment and Interior Design
   BA (Hons) in Product Design

BA (Hons) Art and Design in Education (3-year Curriculum / Part-time)
BA (Hons) in Digital Media (2-year Top-up programme / Full-time)
BA (Hons) in Interactive Media  (2-year Top-up programme / Full-time)

Exchange Programmes for International Students

Higher Diploma in Multimedia Design and Technology  (2-year Higher Diploma programme / Full-time)

Master of Design Scheme (Mixed Mode)
   Master of Design (Design Practices)
   Master of Design (Design Strategies)
   Master of Design (Interaction Design)
   Master of Design (International Design and Business Management)
   Master of Design (Urban Environments Design) 

Master of Science in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology (Mixed Mode)

Executive Master in Innovation Management* (Part-time)
* Former name Executive Master in Meaningful Innovation. Subject to Senate’s approval on programme name change  

Master of Philosophy/ Doctor of Philosophy