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Think, Make, PolyPlay. A laboratory for innovation in Design, Play, and Education

PolyPlay is dedicated to fostering from within Hong Kong a culture of innovation that embraces creativity, technology, and communication, so as to support the local industry in maintaining its predominance as a leading innovation, development, and marketing hub for play products.

PolyPlay acts as a research lab, a teaching resource facility, a professional consultancy, and a design development office. Its investigation work focuses on fields where play, design, and education overlap, and transfers knowledge thus accrued to broader innovation contexts. Research at PolyPlay is anchored in the exploration of different notions of play, and the conventions of interactivity, and draws on characteristics of both traditional and contemporary play and other objects to develop prospective play, educational, recreational, and interactive products, environments and multimedia systems.

PolyPlay's research, licensing, and entrepreneurship projects feed PolyU School of Design educational experiences. Knowledge gained in projects is shared with academic, community, and industrial stakeholders.

Click here to access polyplay.hk, an online platform showcasing a kaleidoscope of design for play projects, research papers, conference and seminar presentations, consultancy work, Work-Integrated Education (WIE) projects, and exhibitions - a body of work produced since the facility was set up. Curating a natural emergence in various trends of play, polyplay.hk showcases a digital archive of over 120 playworks, along 9 branches of play. Selected projects highlight the different approaches to toy and product-system design applied in student projects, which include user-centered, experimental, critical, and communication design.

Rémi Leclerc