Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation


Initiated by PolyU and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation (J.C.DISI) convenes university expertise, curates trans-disciplinary projects, and constructs partnerships for social well-being and positive systemic change. The institute’s home is located at the Jockey Club Innovation Tower, where designers, civic leaders, intellectuals, professionals, PolyU expers, and fellow citizens will engage in dialogues pertaining to Hong Kong’s future.  Being the first design institute dedicated to social innovation in Asia, J.C.DISI will focus on articulating creative and alternative solutions to the complex challenges today – from urban sustainability, ageing population, family and youth, public services, social entrepreneurship to empowering technologies for the disadvantages.

We strive to strengthen the University’s Social Responsibility – its capacity to imagine, inspire, ignite and implement creative solutions for our community.  Our vision is to build a vibrant, knowledgeable and resilient community capable in talking complex challenges through a creative approach and humanistic design.  In the first few years, J.C.DISI endeavoured to achieve the above vision in three unique but inter-related approaches: we initiated a number of design projects with partner in public, social and private sectors the popel substantial social changes in Hong Kong; we organized a number of programmes dedicated to capacity building off true social innovators in Asia; and we launched platforms of various forms and medium to catalyse knowledge exchange on a global scale.  

Social Innovation Festival

Social Innovation Festival (10DAYFEST) is a flagship programme features a variety of exhibitions, workshops, movie screenings, salons, seminars, visits and lectures.  It aimed to cultivate the culture of social innovation among the general public.  Visitors and participants will not only have the opportunity to learn what social innovation is, but also to co-create and share with local and international designers, thought leaders, activists, researchers, and makers all striving for new perspectives and positive changes.


SOCIA is an online knowledge base that aims to break down the language barrier between the Chinese-speaking world and the predominantly English-speaking international community. SOCIA gathers exemplary social innovation initiatives, researches, and news in one place, offering them in both English and Chinese.

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